The Humane Society of McCormick County is a no-kill animal rescue. We help cats and dogs in McCormick County and adopt them into loving homes. We are funded by private donations, grants and money raised through fundraising activities. All money raised goes to helping animals because we are all volunteers.

We are the only shelter in the county. We care for the cats and dogs that would otherwise have no other place to go.

We approach this problem through our #DoTheMath spay/neuter program. We offer low-cost spay and neuter to any cat or dog in the County and we have a progressive trap - neuter or spay -and return (TNR) program for outside, unowned cats and we monitor and feed several community cat colonies every day. We altered a total of 485 cats and dogs in 2023! (212 McCormick County owned cats and dogs free of charge to those who qualified for it, 138 HSMC rescues, and 135 TNR for outside, unowned cats.)

HSMC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization - Tax ID #57-1099596. As such, donations are tax-deductible as allowed by IRS regulations. Please email us at info@hsmcsc.org for a receipt. 

We are also a frequent flyer among Top-Rated Nonprofits.